Sippa Benefits

Take a sip of taste and health with Sippa, a milkshake made with the purest of milk and the freshest of fruits sourced directly from local dairy farmers and orchids.

Relish its rich taste that will make you take another sip and then another and another….

A powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy body and mind Sippa helps you in achieving better health in a fun and delicious way.

It is full of calcium, Vitamin A, D, E and K. With its natural sweetness and fibre it helps you take on the day with energy.

Rich in antioxidants

Good for bone health

The best energy drink

Products With Nutrition Facts

Anmol Dairy Creamer 500gm Pack

Anmol Dairy Creamer

Available in 500 gm Packs.

The shelf life of the product is from the date of manufacture.

Anmol Dairy Creamer Nutritional Value

While you enjoy its great taste, appreciate its purity.

Sippa is a thick and delicious drink that can be enjoyed during all seasons. It is an energy booster made in a safe and hygienic facility. It is the drink of champions.

Milkshake Trivia

The first commercial milkshake was made in 1885

Milkshakes are also popularly called Malts or just shakes in some parts of the world

Dairy Queen, a diary company led the milkshake revolution, popularising the drink everywhere.