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Health ka right dose, Uttam Dahi ke saath har roz.

Dahi that is thick and set to perfection. Enjoy it's creamy taste and texture. Relish with meals and enjoy it's health benefits.

Uttam Dahi is rich and creamy and very healthy. It aids in good digestion because of the presence of beneficial bacteria that help improve your gut health. It boosts your immunity and is full of calcium, vitamin D, and protein. Enjoy a bowl or two of Uttam Dahi Daily!

Full of calcium

Great for digestion

Improves Immunity

Makes bones stronger

Uttam Fresh Dahi

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Uttam Dahi Pack

Uttam Dahi

Available in 100gm, 200gm and 400gm Packs.

Shelf Life of the product is 10 days from the date of manufacture.

Uttam Dahi Nutritional value

While you enjoy its great taste, appreciate its purity.

Uttam Dahi is processed in an automated and hygienic environment and is packed in food grade cups for better use. Uttam Dahi has a longer shelf life due to use of the new age bio processing technology with which it is packed. It is free from preservatives.

Dahi Trivia

The first curd was probably made by accident in Mesopotamia around 5,000 BC.

It has been used as a beauty product since 2,000 BC, often applied to hair and skin to beautify it.

Turkish shepherds had been turning milk into yogurt as early at 3000 BCE.