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Anmol Benefits

Tea and Coffee’s best friend

Enjoy the perfect steaming cup of tea or coffee every day. Anmol dairy creamer makes drinks and desserts tastier and creamier.

Perfect for tea and coffee

Without any preservatives

Safe and nutritious

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Anmol Dairy Creamer 500gm Pack

Anmol Dairy Creamer

Available in 500 gm Packs.

The shelf life of the product is from the date of manufacture.

Anmol Dairy Creamer Nutritional Value

While you enjoy its great taste, appreciate its purity.

Anmol Dairy Creamer is manufactured using partially skimmed milk by adding the finest quality ingredients. It is processed using the latest dairy technology in a modern and hygienic environment.

Enjoy as it is, or make yummy dishes using it.

Anmol Dairy Creamer Trivia

Milk powders contain all 21 standard amino acids

Powdered milk is also widely used in making Gulab jamun

Powdered milk is also a common item in UN food aid supplies