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Lassi Benefits

Lassi kare sehat ke liye kamaal, Piyo Lassi Uttam de Naal..

Taste freshness with every sip you take. Uttam lassi takes you back to your childhood days when you used to have delicious and thick homemade lassi. Not only does it refresh you and it is also good for digestion and cools your body and mind on hot days.

Good for digestion

Replenishes body fluids

Good for bone health

Products With Nutrition Facts

Uttam Lassi 500ml Pack


Uttam Masala Lassi 500ml (Nutritional Value)
Uttam Masala Lassi Nutritional Value
Uttam Masala Lassi 500ml Pack

Masala Lassi

Uttam Sweet Lassi 500ml Pack

Sweet Lassi

Uttam Sweet Lassi Nutritional Value

While you enjoy its great taste, appreciate its purity.

Uttam Lassi is thick, delicious and healthy. It gets its unique taste because of the pure dahi used to make it.

Beat the heat with Uttam lassi!

Lassi Trivia

People started having lassi as early as 1000 BC

It originated from the lands of Punjab and Multan

In Ayurveda, Lassi is prescribed to cool not only the stomach but also the mind.