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You will find, although not, a course regarding middle-old guys, who’re possibly therefore immersed in operation, or more indolent, which they hardly ever go to the house off Jesus

59 1854.] GABOON. 59 ant passage of fifty days. Individuals who sailed November 29, arrived to the 16th off March. From inside the year new missionary laborers in the field was basically actively in its some departments away from energy, with little to no interruption out-of illness ; along with April past all of the was in fact talked-about because the quite well, except Mrs. Walker, who was simply this kind of a state off fitness because seemed to offer it very important to their own to visit the united states. She arrived at Nyc aforementioned element of Could possibly get. Mr. Bushnell s health is actually from an excellent when he hit Africa, but Mr. Walker spoke out-of your as well from inside the April. That indigenous assistant, Mr. Edwards, a person in the chapel, just who crappy become a lot of time a teacher about schools, and you can whose example try always a good, might have been eliminated because of the death. This might be considered to be a significant losings for the purpose. P R Elizabeth A c H In G. The latest gospel has been on a regular basis preached on Baraka and you may Ikai (Olaudebenk) on the Sabbath, at said times of few days ; ahd also to your Sabbath on Nomba and you will Kaluamanga, (Jimstown.) In the Baraka the usual congregation has actually designated regarding 60; from the Nomba and you may Kaluamanga just how many hearers has been some reduced. But really Mr. Preston, whom occupied that it statiou inside seasons 1853, says, Exchange, conflict and you will mourning keeps caused the congregation in order to change more ; and he speaks of those as the extremely indifferent into the gospel content, the all the lookup, action and moan, when you look at the solution, seeming to say, Behold, what a beneficial weariness can it be. It is not known, according to him, that the gospel made a rescuing perception through to a single individual on the Bakele nation. T hello say the latest Mpongwes, off exactly who it found change and you will missionaries, need to earliest transform. On almost every other Bakele cities, in which preaching is periodic, the fresh new attendance may vary. Concerning the interest that the someone be about realities, because proclaimed from Sabbath so you can Sabbath, brand new declaration sa y s: Among the Mpongwes, meetings usually are attended by lead-dudes of locations and also by new pupils in the colleges, with many more youthful men that have earlier come regarding all of our schools. This type of don’t that is amazing the character is during threat, as the dated dudes think theirs are ; neither but really do they feel you to definitely connection in order to united states, which is believed by more youthful dudes have been trained from the all of us. This new gospel has no web sites in their mind. The general span of

At the ikai channel, the fresh new statement says, it has maybe not become strange to see the entire people off the fresh new village at the conference into Sabbath

60 sixty GABOON. [Statement, the lifestyle is really so far go against brand new purity of the Religious program, that is so carefully doomed from it whenever faithfully preached, that it’s not uncommon which they absent on their own on household out of God. I’ve usually come informed that the preaching is too tough, and sometimes it’s openly declared becoming not the case. For many some body, you will find supposed to be far more felt like symptoms regarding opposition so you’re able to the situation than just heretofore. One of many aspects of which, is the fact that the hopes of economic virtue, usually thrilled where a purpose is actually rooted in that portion of the world, haven’t been realized. The fresh novelty of getting white men for the coast, and novelty of probably public praise, have died. Nevertheless the truth is recognized as obviously progressing. It is becoming a whole lot more recognized, and takes up a lot more the fresh thoughts of the people, because the devotees from superstition are not happy with their belief, and are perhaps not at peace that have themselves. Among the many Bakeles there are conflicts and different disruptions one to provides distracted the interest of those, and thrown new people of your towns where Messrs. Preston and best labor. Nevertheless these issues haven’t generally already been away from a lot of time continuance, while the attendance at the chapel hasn’t been greatly reduced. S C H O o L S T H Elizabeth C H U R C H T H E P R Age S S. T the guy colleges was indeed so much more promising than just these were in the new go out of your own history statement, regardless of if however certainly not in a really guaranteeing status. T he you to on Nomba, which was left behind korean marriage brokers a year ago having want off a teacher, could have been resumed of the printer. The college from the Ikai is during a far more promising standing than just this has been any kind of time previous period, the students making reasonable improvements in their words, along with the fresh new Mpongwe and you can English. The average quantity of youngsters in this college or university inside the season was several. T the guy go out college or university within Baraka was not as well went to given that at certain previous episodes ; nevertheless the higher punctuality out of instructors and you may students, (an unusual advantage certainly Africans,) and an evergrowing focus on the part of the second to help you understand, have considerably advised the brand new mission. There have been significantly more desire repaid to arithmetic, geography and you can English composition, than just formerly. T he school provides averaged regarding the twenty-four boys. T h age report s an effective y s: All of our universities have need out-of persistence about students, also expert and you can good faith on the part of parents and guardians. W age are often disappointed according to some promising boy, exactly who, with simply visited a period of time in his progress as he is also research with achievement, was led away by promise out-of get inside change, an effective propen