Another USP of this account is that it helps in trading without commission and is fully STP along with being available on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Buyers can assist several other local Banks or discuss funding with no relationship Banks for keeping existing credit in the market. Many buyers have the objective of generating relationships with Banks in order to carry out business anytime in the near future. Single funders are risky as they can alter their credit appetite for the purchaser or even the industry in which the buyer functions. Funders can re-evaluate their business tactics, exiting the business leading to the closure of the supply chain finance curriculum, and the buyer is left without financial support.

Furthermore, the broker offers highly inclusive platforms, allowing all traders to choose what they are most comfortable with. In fact, some of the platforms even offer special bonuses, which you can view above. It has achieved excellence in providing a seamless MT5 platform, ensuring top-notch trading execution quality and user-friendliness. When you download and trade on MULTIBANK Trader 5, you can enjoy a trading experience free from price slippage, requotes, and rejections. Furthermore, if you do not select your base currency when registering, by contacting their customer service, you can change your base currency with ease. The best part of their account offers is that you can have more sub-accounts and select different base currencies for each sub-account.

MultiBank Group Security Measures

However, the fact that the broker goes to such lengths to collect licenses tells us it doesn’t intend anything malicious. Still, some traders might find little confidence in regulators, and value customer opinions more. Broker reviews can be hard to complete, but MultiBank Group makes it easy to see all their licensing and documentation to all users, whether registered or not.

Besides the phones, you can also reach the broker via email or live chat. Safety is a primary concern when choosing a brokerage, as unsafe brokers can steal tons of money from you. However, most newer brokerages seem to rely on trust rather than solid proof of trustworthiness. Unfortunately, those same brokers often end up being scams, or at least dishonest firms that harm users. In contrast to that, MultiBank Group is one of the most secure online financial businesses you can run into.

  • We have over 20 years of experience when it comes to trading online so we know what to look for.
  • MultiBank Group is one of the few brokerages that manage to do it all and do it well.
  • Meanwhile, the MultiBank Group is regulated by seven major financial regulators worldwide.
  • The broker offers a great selection of over a thousand trading instruments for trading via the intuitive MetaTrader platforms on web, mobile and desktop.
  • Trading now has a lot of potential excitement, thanks to this website.

MultiBank Group is great as both a starting point and permanent trading hub, and we’re sure it won’t disappoint. Social trading is a relatively new online trading feature that can meaningfully contribute to your trading experience. It can be a way to both earn money and learn how to become a better trader. It achieves that by letting you copy others, as well as analyze their trading patterns and habits.

Why Choose MultiBank Group?

Further, the MultiBank Group can be accessed through the MetaTrader 4 platform. Since it has got a stamp of the safety certificate by the top-tier ASIC, MultiBank exchange is very safe, and another reason behind this is that it was incepted way back in 2005. Further, the customer service of the MultiBank Group is highly efficient and helps online traders in generating a lot of money. It is a worldwide brand that is composed of global CFD and FX brokers. MultiBank Group is a global financial company that owns companies that generally fall into the category of resource management.

Very Quick service & trustworthy.Worked with Cherukad Mashoodh (Account manager). He was very knowledgeable about potential issues before getting into it & was able to get it fixed very quickly. Their maximum lots per click and maximum open positions are restricted by the market depth and for risk control. For your residency proof, you can submit an official document that states your name and address, like bank statements, utility bills, etc.

Introducing Korata: A New Forex Trading Platform

My impression of this trading platform is one of utmost admiration! Their range of trading tools exceeds an impressive count of 20,000! Subscribing to their Standard Account has afforded me prompt execution, consistent spreads, and an account devoid of commission fees. We also take an in-depth look at each broker’s commissions and fees, such as bid/ask spreads – including the average spread data for some of the most popular forex currency pairs. We research other trading costs, such as inactivity or custody fees, minimum deposit requirements, VIP rebates and/or discounts, and a range of other important fee-based data points.

Educational Resources by MultiBank Group

MultiBank offers MT4 as WebTrader, mobile trading apps and Windows desktop application. I personally use the desktop version of the platform for conducting complex chart analysis using my trading strategy templates. It has the full functionality and also supports automated trading.

They have a team of well-trained and multilingual professionals who are available 24-hours and fluent in over 10 languages. MultiBank is an award-winning broker that has been around for amy years. They are regulated in various countries and offer ECN trading via modern platforms that are packed with all the trading tools you need. It is good to see that client funds have some protection through a number of measures put in place by the regulators that must be strictly followed by MultiBank.

Mobile trading platform

One of the main things that show us MultiBank Group’s quality before we even enter the service are its accolades. Now, a lot of brokers earn an award or two over their lifetimes. What makes MultiBank Group stand out is the consistency and variety of awards it’s received. They come from numerous sources, multiple years, and a lot of them cover different categories.

Tools & Features

In our case, if MultiBank Group is unregulated, then this raises the first red flag against MultiBank Group in this MultiBank Group review. MultiBank Group is a serious brokerage that maintains a high level of quality throughout. We’ve already gone in-depth about their security in trading, so we don’t need to be repetitive.

Further, a wide variety of offers are available for the businessmen to help the community of traders in attaining trading objectives. The ECN Pro account helps the users in trading in typical market conditions and also helps in generating a lot of commission. The starting point of this account is 0.1 pips, and the help desk of the ECN Pro type is highly effective. Another example of a report is MultiBank Pro, and it operates at a floating rate of 0.8 pips in typical market scenarios.

That, and the fact that a lot of their representatives are multilingual, leads to a pleasant experience. The support team works 24/6 and is also available through live chat and email. It’s impressive limefx forex broker for a broker that’s over 15 years old to still maintain a positive reputation among users. That tells us the broker truly cares about the service it provides and the customers it offers it to.