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Swaad bhi, Sehat Bhi


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Mooo Benefits of Uttam

Healthy and Happy

Every drop of Uttam milk contributes to a healthier you. We ensure that all our cows are well fed and taken care of in the best possible way, which is why we provide you with dairy products that are extremely healthy for you.


100% pure milk Sourced from the healthiest cows, processed and packed in without any adulteration, Uttam Milk is always pure and always delicious.

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Seal of Hygiene

We make sure the milk that reaches you is uncompromised by impurities and is packaged in the best state of the art factories. Uttam milk is sealed with trust and approved by safety standards


Milk that is pasturised is safe from harmful bacteria. It helps in retaining the fresh flavor of milk for longer.

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Nutritious and Delicious Products

Uttam Desi Ghee Jar


Uttam ghee is so pure, you would like to eat an extra paratha made of it. Nutritious and delicious, it is the pride of Uttam.

Uttam Milk Packs With Milk Splash


Your favourite milk is always fresh and has some amazing benefits for your health. From our farms to your homes, with love.

Uttam Dahi Pack


Thick, creamy and delicious. Our dahi is made from an age old method which gives it a taste like no other. You wonโ€™t be able to eat just one bite!

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Sab Se Uttam Recipes