Uttam Dahi

Dahi is a wonderful, quick, easy and nutritious snack that is available year-round. Researchers have found curd to have properties that increases a person's life span. For all those who are lactose intolerant and cannot digest milk, Dahi is a great alternative for them in providing health benefits of dairy products. In India, Dahi or yogurt are often referred to as the same product and used interchangeably.

Uttam Dahi is a fermented dairy product made by adding bacterial cultures to milk, which causes the transformation of the milk's sugar and lactose, into lactic acid. Dahi is a very good source of iodine, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin B2, protein, vitamin B12, potassium, molybdenum, zinc and pantothenic acid. Dahi has been used as a nutritional remedy for constipation and damaged intestinal flora and as a topical treatment for dry skin, sunburn and may help prevent osteoporosis too.

Dahi's usage are umpteen and depending on the cuisines of your choice it can be used to prepare dahi vada, raita, kadhi, mango lassi etc. also goes well with your favorite parathas and is consumed along with every meal in most households.

Uttam Dahi is processed in a purely automated and hygienic environment and is presented in a food grade cups for better use. Uttam Dahi has the uniqueness of having a longer shelf life due to use of new age bio processing technology and free from preservatives and rich in calcium. Pasteurized and fermented Toned Milk contains Milk SNF mini 9.0% Milk Fat mini 3.0%.

Available in 100gm, 200gm and 400gm Packs.

Shelf Life of the product is 10 days from the date of manufacture.