Message From Chairman

The word "Purity" is the ethos of the Indian culture and as the Chairperson of Supreme Agro, I am proud to have created an organization that stands to be a testimony of Purity defined by the new age terminology called Quality -A general standard of excellence. With over a century old experience and a clear understanding of the farmland resources, the cattle grazing habitats that define the input quality milk, the CSR activities of the organization, dairy education for quality delivery as well as keeping time with technological advancements and process automation, we have been able to garner the support of more than a million households towards Supreme Agro branded dairy products, marketed under the Brand name of "Uttam & Anmol".

The Company is currently a Punjab (India) based dairy milk processing unit, with its main focus being North India and but constantly extending its major markets. The indirectly controlled farms using a collective approach in Punjab, allows the organization to enjoy a unique edge over its industry peers in terms of the quality of dairy products. Besides the guaranteed quality of our product, the organization has also established a comprehensive value chain for its dairy business, which comprises of educating breeders of cattle producing, processing dairy products and selling with its proprietary brand, through its own distribution network.

As the economy of India is bourgeoning, the demand for quality dairy products in the Indian market is a mammoth opportunity and we see this trend growing rapidly. Recently, the need for quality products has tremendously increased in the global market, due to the entry of substandard dairy products. Nowadays, consumers want and seek higher quality products, and that is the opportunity gap, we at Supreme Agro serve to bridge.

My vision and sole mission is to see Supreme Agro as the first and foremost choice of all the consumers around the world. We continue to strive that whenever a domestic consumer or international clients want to buy or source a dairy product, they should remember the positioning of Supreme Agro "Superior Quality Milk Drives Supreme Produce".

Stay Healthy!