Anmol Dairy Creamer/Dairy Whitener

Dairy Whitener is symbol of purity & germ-free product from Supreme Agro

Anmol Dairy Creamer is a hallmark of quality and nourishment developed with the help of the latest dairy technology and spray dried Dairy Whitener in a modern, hygienic environment to maximize its nutritional value.


At Supreme Agro we process a wide range of Uttam Milk Powder skimmed milk powder which is absolutely fat free. This product is processed using fresh and pure milk ingredients, with instant result properties. High in milk proteins, Anmol Dairy Creamer is widely used in making delicious foods. For people who are health conscious this milk powder helps them to a great extent, as it helps maintain their weight. Anmol diary whitener is also better way to help you to maintain your weight. Anmol Dairy & Anmol diary whitener Creamer mixes well and instantly, both in beverages, bakes as well as confectionary items thus making your Tea, Coffee, Curd, Sweets, Ice-Cream, Puddings rich in flavor. Anmol diary whitener is full of nutrients which always helps you to be vigilant.

Anmol Dairy Creamer is manufactured from the Anmol Dairy Whitener and Dairy Whitener fresh, partially skimmed milk by adding the finest quality ingredients. It provides the convenience to prepare a glass of refreshed sweetened milk instantly, anytime and anywhere. When added to tea or coffee it gives a creamier, smoother and rich taste to it.

Available in 200gm, 500gm, 10Kg Poly Jar and 25Kg Bulk Pack.

Shelf life of the products is 12 Month from the date of manufacture.